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Middle School Dance Guidelines

School Dance Behavior


The guidelines listed below will be in effect at all Middle School dances.

Behave as respectful, responsible young people. Refrain from running around, grinding, slam dancing or any other behavior that will physically interfere with others.

  • Students will need school ID to enter the dance.

  • Students must be present in school the day of the dance in order to attend the dance.

  • Dance admission does not include refreshments or games.

  • Arrive at the dance within one hour of when the dance starts (if the dance starts at  6:00 pm, students must arrive by 7:00 pm).

  • Dress appropriately; school dress code is in effect.

  • Middle school dances are not formal…normal school clothing and footwear is expected.

  • Cell phones are only allowed at parent pick-up area. No picture or video.

  • Food and drink is only allowed in the cafeteria.

  • Gum is not allowed at dances.

  • Do not use P.E. equipment in the gym (Ex. Chinning Bar).

  • If a student leaves the dance before the end, there is no reentry.

  • Students remain inside the building until the end of the dance unless parents come inside the doors to pick up students

  • Rides home must prompt at the end of the dance...students are unable to go to another area of the school to meet parents.